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This book is a sequel to Dutchy’s Diaries, Life as a Canadian Naval Officer, In His Own Words, 1916-1929 that was published in 2020. 

Once I published Dutchy’s Diaries, Life as a Canadian Naval Officer, in His Own Words, 1916-1929, the logical question was “what’s next?” I knew there were binders full of material about later duties and set about investigating precisely what we had. I found special editions of books, binders of clippings about Dutchy’s time in the navy, and hundreds of photographs illustrating a complete story of a long naval career. As he rose through the ranks, his staff collected newspaper clippings for him and compiled them into scrapbooks that proved invaluable in documenting events, even if the name of the publication did not always appear. I scanned everything to have working copies and then shipped all the source material to its new home at Library and Archives Canada.

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